AGILE gamma-ray sky

Prof. Guido Barbielllini Amidei was awarded the honor of the “Sigillo” of the Province of Trieste

On Monday September 28, 2015 at 11 a.m. at Palazzo Gatti, Trieste, Prof. Guido Barbielllini Amidei was awarded the honor of the “Sigillo” of the Province of Trieste.

Prof. Guido Barbiellini Prof. Guido Barbiellini Prof. Guido Barbiellini

(Credits: AGILE Team)

Prof. Barbiellini Amidei, full professor at the Physics Department of the Trieste University, currently retired, has a long experience in the field of elementary particles and of high-energy astrophysics of cosmic radiation. He had worked for many years at the laboratories of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Frascati, where he conceived the DAFNE accelerator, still operative today. He continued his career at CERN in Geneva, where he was one of the persons in charge of the DELPHI experiment, at the LEP accelerator, together with the departed Prof. Paolo Poropat. He became full professor at the Trieste University in 1987 at the Department of Engineering, where he had given lessons of General Physics for many years. He then had been a member of the ELETTRA Board of Directors at the AREA Science Park from 1991 to 2001. His research activity has recently moved to the study of high-energy cosmic radiation. He is currently co-Principal Investigator of the AGILE Mission of the Italian Space Agency and is one of the founding members of the NASA international experiment Fermi. Both instruments use silicon detectors, precisely proposed for a space application by Prof. Barbiellini Amidei in 1987. His many students and colleagues have always admired his working method and his team-working attitude in common projects, often following his original intuitions.

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